Parking Lot Safety

Parking Lot Safety
Posted on 01/25/2018
In order to keep our student safe, a reminder to all parents that the north parking lot is open before school for Kindergarten students only.   Kindergarten parents are reminded to pull completely into a parking spot, turn off the car and proceed to walk the kindergarten student to the yard.  Cars are not to be left idling while unattended.

We respectfully ask that all other parents drop off students along the east side of Simcoe Road and students can then walk onto school property.   There is also a lay-by in front of the school that holds 3-4 vehicles.  Parking is permitted on the east side of Simcoe Rd. at the beginning and end of the day to allow for safe drop-off and pick up.

Safety is our top priority, the driveway will have to be closed to all parents if these precautions cannot be met.